This game is an exercise in patience—all you need to do is get home.

"Gridlock" is a one-week prototype made for the NYU Game Center's Prototype Studio MFA course.


  • Accelerate with "Up" arrow
  • Change Lanes with "Left" and "Right" arrows
  • Honk with "Space"
  • Pause/Restart with "Esc"

(Yes, there is a win condition.)


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I did the win condition, but you can also get free of the cars sometimes by finding a long space in one lane and using that to advance, and then it just seems to be an empty road going on forever...bug?

yeah it's a bug, I'm just too lazy to fix it.

I'm just crashing on purpose. I hope that's how you win. ;p

I mean... did you win doing that? Because you can win...